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Ben Teton, Biologist Ben joined the Tejon Ranch Conservancy in early 2014 as a wildlife technician, following six years of forest and wildlife work that he began as an Environmental Studies Major at the University of Oregon. By the time he graduated in 2009, he had explored and participated in environmental projects ranging from the Great Barrier Reef and India’s Agra Bear Rescue facility to western pond turtle habitat on BLM lands in Oregon, where he carried out mapping operations as part of the University’s Environmental Leadership Program. Subsequently Ben became acquainted with forest management while working fire lines for the US Forest Service during four fire seasons in California in addition to taking on internships with the Leatherback Trust in Costa Rica and the US Fish and Wildlife Service’s California Condor Recovery Plan out of Ventura County. In 2013 he worked with the National Park Service’s Division of Sea Turtle Recovery on North Padre Island, Texas, managing a remote long-term incubation nesting facility for Kemp’s-Ridley sea turtles. Ben hopes to follow his passion for wilderness conservation and field-biology as he conducts population surveys for many of the wildlife species living in and around Tejon Ranch.