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Ranch-wide Management Plan

Our Conservation Blueprint The Conservancy’s focus in its first five years was preparing its first Ranch-wide Management Plan for the conserved lands at Tejon Ranch, our conservation blueprint for restoring and enhancing this irreplaceable landscape. Presented in three volumes, it details our existing understanding of Tejon Ranch ecosystems, the Conservancy’s conservation goals, our proposed management actions to enhance and restore habitats, best management practices for the Tejon Ranch Company’s Ranch uses, and our five year public access plan.  Conservationists, scientists, ranchers, the Tejon Ranch Company and many more were involved in developing this first-of-its-kind plan. The Ranch-wide Management Plan was developed for the “working landscapes” of Tejon Ranch, and seeks to balance the Tejon Ranch Company’s land uses (e.g., ranching and hunting) with our conservation goals. We share this blueprint with the hope that it will be relevant throughout the Southwest as we learn to balance the activities of a working ranch while preserving and enhancing its biodiversity. The RWMP comprises three downloadable volumes: Volume 1, Natural Community Descriptions, summarizes background information on the conservation significance, resources, and land uses of Tejon Ranch; reviews the scientific literature on the ecology, desired conditions, and potential land management strategies to achieve these conditions; and presents conceptual models that describe the Conservancy’s assumptions, uncertainties, and management hypotheses for priority ecosystems at Tejon Ranch. Volume 2, Conservation Activities and Best Management Practices, describes the adaptive management structure and process that will be used to implement management actions and BMPs; presents the Conservancy’s conservation goals and objectives; identifies and prioritizes strategies for achieving goals and objectives, and presents BMPs for the  Tejon Ranch Company’s Ranch uses. It serves as the Conservancy’s overall conservation blueprint for the next 5-year period. The volume is supported by four technical appendices that provide recommendations on weed management, grazing and wildlife management practices, and BMPs for Designated Use Areas. Volume 3, Public Access Plan, discusses opportunities and constraints for public access programming on Tejon Ranch and lays out the near-term Public Access Plan for the Ranch.